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About Us

MoonstoneSeven, a luxury hair wrap brand that goes beyond just providing a product—it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The inception of MoonstoneSeven was inspired by a powerful realization in my own life. As a mother, I found myself wanting to set an authentic example for my daughters. I realized that living unapologetically as myself was crucial, and I wanted my girls to see and embrace the real me. This transformation led to the birth of MoonstoneSeven.

What makes MoonstoneSeven special is its essence as more than just a hair wrap brand. It's a symbol of self-confidence, freedom, and embracing one's true self. The textured hair, the imperfections—all of it contributes to the unique beauty we possess. Moonstone, representing "new beginnings" and inner growth, serves as a powerful reminder to cleanse our minds of negativity and eliminate self-doubt.

The number 7 in MoonstoneSeven symbolizes everything positive and valuable—happiness, renewal, and perfection. It's a holistic approach to beauty that transcends the physical, focusing on the emotional and spiritual aspects of self-acceptance and personal growth.

At MoonstoneSeven, we invite you to join us on a journey of creating your own destiny, one curl at a time. Our brand is not just about wraps; it's about embracing who you are, celebrating your uniqueness, and cultivating a sense of love and confidence. 


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