How to Plop

"The best thing about hair plopping is that it enhances the curl definition and produces bouncy curls. Since your hair is tightly wrapped into a cloth, it prevents static that makes your hair frizzy. It helps to dry your curls quicker than ever, significantly cutting down your drying time while providing lift at the root!"

- Sarah


I used the wrap today and loved it!! Soooo much more comfortable than a microfiber towel and easier to use than a regular T-shirt! Plopped after styling to do my makeup and then going to let it air dry for a bit before diffusing!


Oh my gosh! Mine came and I gave it a try this morning and I'm OBSESSED!! Going to have to buy another so I always have a clean one.


I just took my hair down from the plop and OMG! All of my moisture is still there and there is no frizz. Your product is amazing! I will definitely tell my other CURLfriends about it!