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What is plopping?

Hair plopping is a heat-free hair drying technique for curly-haired people. It is a technique that you can use after you've applied your stylers and before you start to dry your hair. It will accordion your curls, helping them keep their defined, spiral shape, even after they dry. 

Why plop?
The Plop will soak up moisture without creating frizz while your hair dries, significantly cutting down your drying time.

The best thing about hair plopping is that it enhances the curl definition and produces bouncy curls. Since your hair is tightly wrapped into a cloth, it prevents static that makes your hair frizzy. It helps to dry your curls quicker than ever, significantly cutting down your drying time while providing lift at the root!

Can I wear the hair plop overnight?

While plopping wet hair overnight is an option for some, it may not suit everyone. Different hair types may require varying techniques. If you decide to plop overnight, it's essential to prioritize good scalp care. However, using the hair plop on dry hair overnight is not recommended, as it will extract moisture.

How long should I plop?

This is a personal preference. It depends on what your hair likes. Some people plop for five minutes while others plop much longer. 

Does plopping work on short hair?

For shoulder-length or shorter hair, natural drying is often recommended, as the plop can potentially flatten curls. However, customers with short hair have found success with the plop.

Do I have to use hair products for hair plopping?

While optional, using products like curl defining cream, leave-in conditioner, and smoothing serum can enhance curl softness and control frizz.

Does hair plopping work on straight hair?

No, hair plopping is specifically designed for textured hair.

Does plopping make your hair curlier?

For those with fine or loosely waved hair, plopping can indeed add lift at the roots, resulting in enhanced volume. The stacking nature of the hair in the wrap contributes to this effect. However, it's important to note that plopping won't alter your natural hair pattern; rather, it accentuates and improves the existing texture.

How do I know if it will fit?

Our hair plop is crafted from highly stretchable fabric, designed to fit most head sizes with adjustable snaps. If snaps seem too far apart for smaller heads, it can be used without them.

Can I wear the plop to bed, with dry curls, to protect them at night?

Using the plop on already dried and styled hair is not recommended, as the material is designed to absorb moisture.

How do I wash "the hair plop"?

Washing the hair plop is simple. Toss it in the machine with a regular laundry load using standard detergent. Low tumble dry or lay flat to dry. Ironing on low is optional.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Currently, we ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. Stay updated on potential shipping expansions by following our IG page @moonstoneseven and signing up for our email list.


OEKO TEX CERTIFIED ensures that every component of the product has been rigorously tested against up to 350 toxic chemicals, guaranteeing textile safety. Trusted worldwide since 1992.

Can I use the satin sleeper on straight hair? 


How do I wash "the satin sleeper" and scrunchie?

We strongly advise hand washing the items to guarantee their longevity and durability. Because of the nature of the delicate satin, it is also recommended to lay flat to dry.

Can the hair plop be used on straight hair?

Absolutely, using the hair plop on straight hair can still offer benefits, however it will NOT create texture in your hair. It can be a gentler way to dry your hair compared to traditional towel drying, which can cause damage and frizz, especially for straight hair types. The key is adjusting expectations: instead of expecting the results listed for waves or curls, appreciate the gentler drying process and the reduction in damage.