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 Hair plopping is a heat-free hair drying technique for wavy/curly-haired people. It is a technique that you can use with your MoonstoneSeven hair plop after you've applied your stylers and before you start to dry your hair.

Step One: Starting with clean, wet hair, apply your favorite curly hair styling product through the lengths of your hair. Lightly blot your hair with the inside of the plop to remove excess water. Lay your plop on a flat surface. 

Step Two: Bend over and slowly lower your hair onto the fabric, aiming the top of your head for the center. Your curls should spill onto the fabric. Your forehead should be aligned with the bottom edge of the fabric closest to you. 

Step Three: Once your crown makes contact, wrap the bottom fabric behind your head, and snap closed. 

Step Four: Holding each side, fold the top of the plop to the back of your head so that it covers your hair and the top of your head. 

Step Five: Lift your head back up and bring the straps around to the front, crossing them in the front of your forehead. 

Step Six: Bring the straps to the back of your head and tie them securely. 

Step Seven: For best results, let curls set for 20+ minutes.