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the satin sleeper + scrunchie
the satin sleeper + scrunchie
the satin sleeper + scrunchie
the satin sleeper + scrunchie
the satin sleeper + scrunchie
the satin sleeper + scrunchie

the satin sleeper + scrunchie

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The satin sleeper is specifically designed for dry hair, created to retain moisture, significantly extending your wash day style! 

Zap frizz, and prevent friction with this satin-lined bonnet, created in the same great pattern we have all come to love in the MoonstoneSeven hair plop! 

Satin-Lined Sleeper:

✓ Reduces frizz
✓ Preserves natural hair oils
✓ Prevents damage
✓ Extends the life of hairstyles
✓ Retains moisture
✓ Retains length
✓ Minimal morning refresh required 

In addition it is: 

✓ Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certified
✓ Oeko-Tex Certified*

This bonnet keeps your waves and curls nourished and frizz free, reducing moisture loss and protecting against hair breakage while you sleep.

Our satin sleeper uses Oeko Tex Certified* fabrics and is double lined, with the outer layer constructed of a Bamboo Spandex blend, providing a slip free surface that is breathable and lightweight. The inner lining is made from a high-quality satin, which is soft, luxurious and breathable.

Unlike other sleep bonnets, the unique pattern allows the hair to be wrapped tightly for a truly customized fit. This will help to prevent movement, resulting in less tangles and breakage. The eyelet feature helps to provide ultimate comfort when wrapping, allowing the fabric to be secured as tightly as you’d like, while not bunching on the sides, which allows the fit to be custom and comfortable while you sleep.  

Each order also includes a satin scrunchie, ideal for tying up (pineappling) your hair before wrapping. This ensures the proper fit, as well as a secure place for you hair to rest with little to no movement while you sleep. 

Band Width:
Outside Snap to Snap: UnStretched: 50cm - Stretched: 58cm
Middle Snap to Snap: UnStretched: 48cm - Stretched: 56cm
Inside Snap to Snap: UnStretched: 46cm - Stretched: 54cm

Please note there may be a small variance of the sizes listed above due to these items being hand made. If you have questions about the sizing and fit please email us at support@moonstoneseven.com subject "FIT"

* OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

Inside: Recycled Polyester and Spandex 
Outside: Rayon Bamboo and Spandex 

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Robin Luttrell
So Comfortable

I love the satin sleeper! It’s so comfortable to sleep in, stays in place, and doesn’t leave a mark on my forehead. I tried sleeping in bonnets before, but didn’t like them. The satin sleeper is a game changer!

Best sleeper

Bought this to sleep in and worth the wait and waking up early to order. I tie it like I do the other wrap (knot in the back to it stays put). Can keep curls for 4 days. So worth it. Thank u!!! When I come back from hair dresser I can keep curls for 7 days! Incredible. Love this girl. Doesn’t move, slip or come off when I sleep.

Donna Storer
Worth the wait and $

After loving my pink plop it was time to invest in the satin sleeper. Very easy to handwash and let dry. It comes with a sturdy lil box that u can keep it n during the day. I added a small sprig of lavender to the inside. So nice each night to pull the tab get a scent of fresh 🪻 and put on the satin sleeper. Great addition to nightly routine. Took me a couple nights to get the perfect placement but now takes 30secs to put on. Thanks for the great product

Rebecca R
Multi-day curl game changer

Love how it preserves my curls for multi-day wear. My refresh routine has been drastically reduced because of this wrap. Will never be without one again. Would buy a dozen scrunchies

Worth it!

I really do like this product. I was worried about whether it would stay on but it definitely does even though I move a lot at night. I do enjoy just keeping my hair out of my face too. I’m not sure I notice a difference on my curls in the morning but they definitely aren’t any worse and that could be simply me figuring out how to do next day hair without getting my entire head wet in the shower. If I had any criticism it would be that the arms used to tie are too wide for me. If I flatten them out they cover my eyes or I have to push back up into my hair causing the top to flatten and that’s where I need the most volume help. If I fold it’s very uncomfortable. Shipping was extremely fast too!